Meet me

It is a pleasure for me to be able to help you plan your journey in Cameroun.

With a valuable experience as corporate travel manager in the Netherland, I am looking forward sharing my knowledge of international standard.

Renowned voices tend to call Cameroon “Africa in miniature”, not only because of its fanciful shape and turbulent history,
but also because of the physical and human aspects of its geography. It is the point in Africa where the East meets the West and where the North meets the South.
It is a country that features plains and mountains, plateaus and valleys, rivers and seas, lakes and waterfalls and other landmarks that mirror the rest of Africa.
The south is dominated by equatorial and tropical rainforests, the north is covered by Sahelian vegetation, and the middle portion of the country is graced with high savannah of mixed grassland and forest.
In fact, all the different flora and fauna in Africa can be found in this carelessly drawn triangle called Cameroon.

Looking forward reading from you soon

Yonkio Kadija